Permodo reachesindividual target groups with relevant premium mobile ads. Emotional. Personal. Goal-oriented.

Permodo is the leading mobile marketing specialist in Germany with offices in Düsseldorf, Munich, Hamburg, and Berlin. Through our in-house ad tech platforms and exemplary user reach, we carry out several thousand successful data-based mobile campaigns a year. We turn campaign goals into unique and memorable user experiences for well-known clients from a wide range of industries.

Permodo Mobile Marketing Service
Unique Reach

Permodo’s in-house advertising platform with its’ DSP (Demand Side Platform) and DMP (Data Management Platform) provides a unique reach of more than 50 million unique users in Germany alone and an additional international reach of millions.

Meaningful Content- and Behavior Data

Using diverse content and behavioural data, Permodo builds unique user-profiles and interest clusters for efficient targeting implementation. The in-house technology enables goal-oriented messages in the form of premium ads to be targeted according to location, time and person.

Mobile Marketing Experts

A mobile specialist from the very beginning. Thanks to the experience of several thousand campaign implementations per year, Permodo has extraordinary know-how for the creation and execution of creative and powerful mobile campaigns.

Profound Insights

More than clicks. Making performance and effectiveness measurable is an essential part of Permodo Mobile Solutions. A wide range of options for validating success and detailed analyses provide extensive information about the success and effectiveness of the campaign content.

Ad Tech Platform

Permodo works on a proprietary and comprehensive technical infrastructure that optimally links the ad server, demand-side platform, data management platform and advertising optimisation engine. This guarantees flexibility, speed as well as efficiency. As a managed service solution, we offer an exclusive all-around service, tailored to individual requirements with the highest precision.

Programmatic Advertising

Permodo offers programmatic access to the largest digital quality reach combined with expert advice. The use of programmatic deals enables efficiency, dynamically scalable volumes as well as optimised inventory allocation.

Location Data

When and where a user is remains the strongest indicator of his interests and intentions. The use of precise location data enables a personalised approach in the direct context of the user environment – at the right time, in the right place. With the help of Permodo’s location data, geo-targeting and geo-fencing can be adapted to a wide range of micro-locations and contexts.

(D)OOH Extension

With the Permodo (D)OOH Extension, outdoor advertising can be digitally extended by mobile premium ads and vice versa. Local targeting or smart retargeting generates multiple consistent contacts and brand communication is raised to a new level.

With our Creative Service, we will find the right format for your campaign

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